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Νέος εκθεσιακός χώρος DAUWIN®





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We stand by you with consistency and professionalism

Since 1989, DAUWIN® - PAPAVASILIOU has been producing and marketing frames and has set a creative path in the industry of framed structures: constantly evolving products, facilities, services and expertise. DAUWIN® offers high quality frames, frame installation, and testing services of the highest degree, thereby rightfully earning the trust of the general public.

At our private premises of 8,000 square meters, located at the 3rd km. of the Kastoria – Kolokynthous Road, we have set up our new & modern mechanical equipment for the production of synthetic frames and aluminum frames. We also have an impressive variety of certified imported wooden frames.

The complex and demanding clientele of DAUWIN® and the variety of the projects completed are a tangible proof of the capabilities and professionalism of our staff. We guarantee optimum results in every project we undertake to realize.






Athens Showroom

At the spacious showroom of DAUWIN®, covering an area of 850 sq.m., in three levels, the company presents a wide range of frames in a variety of materials, designs and colors. We display all possible configurations by DAUWIN®, which successfully combine functionality, security with aesthetics.

Aluminum frames and synthetic materials are impressively adaptable to specific customer needs. DAUWIN® wooden frames are the ultimate choice in buildings with stone lining, ranging from typically simple island architecture, to modern homes in traditional style.

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xilina koufomata DAUWIN

Offering the most modern construction techniques, in harmony with nature and tradition, our wooden frames have been chosen by hundreds of customers who seek the warmth of wood, combined with absolute safety and functionality. All DAUWIN® wooden frames are certified by the quality assurance of the TÜV CERTIFICATE ISO 9001-2001 & CE CERTIFICATE.



These offer high quality and strength, endless designs and colors, as well as maximum security. The exterior wooden doors of DAUWIN® stand out for the quality of their construction and their high aesthetic.


erga exelixi

Our desire is the absolute customer satisfaction; this is the reward of our professionalism. We expect to achieve the same amount of satisfaction in the projects that are currently carried out in many places in Greece; a sample of the projects under development is presented with rich photographic material on our website.


prospect xilina


simboules agoras


sinthetika koufomata DAUWIN

The synthetic rigid PVC frames of a renowned German brand ensure maximum energy efficiency and remarkable durability; this has made them functional and safe for more than four decades. Their environmentally-friendly properties, combined with the possibility of 100% recycling, contribute to combating global warming, thereby becoming the most ecological and economical solution in the frame industry.


xilina parathira DAUWIN

DAUWIN® wooden windows, offered in a wide variety of designs, sizes and colors, meet the architectural requirements of buildings in urban areas, on islands, and in traditional settlements.



The course our company has taken for many years, and the excellent results of each completed project that we have delivered all over Greece, have secured us an impressive clientele; one of different economic and aesthetic backgrounds. Our clients are a living advertisement for the achievement of each new project and a guarantee of its success.


simeia yperoxis


sixnes apories


koufomata alouminiou DAUWIN

The DAUWIN® aluminum frames ensure insulation; they reduce cooling & heating costs and ensure sound-proofing, thereby protecting the interiors from unwanted noise. The aluminum frames achieve maximum functionality which is easily adaptable to the requirements of each building.


xilina pantzouria DAUWIN

Based on EU standards, and the specifications set by the client company, the wooden shutters of DAUWIN® have been selected for numerous designs, varying in colors, either in classic, traditional or contemporary lines.



DAUWIN® partners with a large number of professionals throughout Greece and produces door and window frames for them that are delivered ready for installation at wholesale prices. The “DAUWIN® Ready-Made Frames” include the aluminum frame of EXALCO, the synthetic frame of Aluplast and the wooden frame of DAUWIN®.


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Factory & Showroom

3rd km of Kastoria - Kolokynthous Road
Area: Kastoria
PC: 52100
Tel.: +30 24670 711 22
Fax: +30 24670 71 666
Εmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Athens Showroom

Address: 51 Anapafseos Avenue
Area: Vrilissia
PC: 15235
Τel.: +30 210 283 1470
Fax: +30 210 283 1489
Εmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.