Buying Tips

Allow time for your final choice. The choice of frames is one of the most basic works for any building, whether it is in regard to its initial construction or renovation. You should dedicate sufficient time to enquire about the company and especially about the people with who you will work to successfully complete this important project. The final result should leave up to your expectations financially, functionally and aesthetically.

Prefer certified manufacturers. The frames, which are certified by international certification bodies, are subject to continuous monitoring during construction and upon their completion. Certified manufacturers can provide a guarantee on the quality both of the frames and the components manufactured or traded; they can confirm the correctness of their claims on the properties, authenticity and high quality of their products.

Select your frames at the proper time. The frames should be selected in the early stages of the construction of a building; the same applies for the renovation works of a space. Please remember. The installation of doors and windows should be carried out in consultation with the alarm installers, the floor fitters and the construction crew in charge of the building works.

Select the correct type of frames. Discuss with the manufacturer or dealer of the frames and display them all the particularities of the building. Do not forget to mention the climate, the conditions relating to each room (sunshine, shading, insulation or not on walls and floors, etc.), what the intended use in each room will be (hinged, sliding, reclining), the possible difficulties in their use (external cleaning capabilities) and ask the experts to carry out an onsite study and propose their own solutions based on their expertise and experience.

Request a detailed offer. It is important that you receive from the manufacture a list of components, dimensions, materials, as well as their corresponding cost, separately and in total. This offer should clearly state the accessories, color and type of paint and their manufacturing companies. You should obtain a clear means of comparison between the bids, so you can decide which one suits your needs on a functional, aesthetic and economic level.

Request a detailed offer for the glass panes suggested. It is extremely important that you are presented clearly and in detail with the type of glass to be used, including all the qualities and particularities and their corresponding cost. Also, ask to be informed of all the options that you have, in order to achieve the maximum insulation desired.

Place your emphasis on the accessories. The proper operation and the duration life of the door & window frames depend on the ancillary fittings; if they do not perform as prescribed, then the behavior of the frames will be affected, as well. Learn in detail about all the frame mounting mechanisms, their credentials, the country of manufacture and origin and their individual costs.

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