DAUWIN® Aluminum Frames

effective thermal insulation and excellent safety
The type of aluminum frames is determined by the architecture of the buildings to a large extent. This happens so that they blend harmoniously with the rest of the design. It is noteworthy that DAUWIN® opening aluminum frames, with EXALCO heat-insulating aluminum profile, offer effective thermal insulation and excellent safety. Choose from a very wide range of aluminum frames. They are available in many designs and types of frames, while they are installed with external shutters or rolls.

The thermal break system of the new EXALCO ECONOMY series of aluminum frames makes them the number one choice for those who wish to reduce heating/cooling costs.

DAUWIN® installs mainly in single-family houses or buildings of special design. These account for the lion's share of our turnover. We have our own certified installation crews, who install your products responsibly and with expertise.
Uncommitted to their image, with a multitude of designs and colors, DAUWIN® aluminum exterior doors are equipped with five-point locks, adjustable reinforced hinges, three perimeter rubbers and an electric mechanism to open and close.
With a written 10-year factory guarantee, DAUWIN® aluminum balcony doors are characterized by their flexibility in designs, colors they can be colored differently on the outside and inside – but also in the way they are handled (one or more opening, tilting leaves)
Harmonized with the rest of the frames of the building and in accordance with the architectural design, DAUWIN® aluminum shutters are available in a variety of designs and colors, satisfying all aesthetic requirements. An important role in their support is played by the mechanisms, among them the masks, all of German origin from Roto.
MINIMAL sliding system with thermal break. The new SPACE sliding system series stands out for its innovative and minimal design. The vertical profile is the only visible aluminum profiles of the system.
DAUWIN® aluminum frames undergo technical surface treatments in order to protect the aluminum against corrosion and of course to give it the image desired by the customer, in order to meet the architectural and aesthetic needs of the building. The two main processing techniques are anodizing and electrostatic painting.



Τα προϊόντα DAUWIN® Παπαβασιλείου κοσμούν όχι μόνο τις καλύτερες ξενοδοχειακές μονάδες αλλά και νησιώτικες και παραδοσιακές οικίες.



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