Energy Efficient Glazing

DAUWIN®-Energy Efficient Glazing

The energy-efficient glazing of DAUWIN® has the capacity to hinder the dissipation of heat from the warmer to the cooler side (Low-E). This property of the energy glass panels ensures that the heat is maintained within the house during winter and prevents heat to enter into the house from the outside, thereby ensuring a comfortable atmosphere in the house. Moreover, this helps save energy, since less heating is needed for warming in winter and reduced use of the air conditioner for cooling the area in summer.

In addition, this property of the energy-efficient glazing is not inhibited by the weather conditions (sun or absence of sunshine), on a 24 hours basis (day and night), and throughout the year, provided that the glass panels are not directly exposed to solar radiation, which appears to disturb the heat barrier. In cases of vertical solar radiation, ordinary energy glazing cannot occlude the inlet of heat, therefore resulting to heat being dissipated and being trapped inside the building.

To avoid the phenomenon of heat transmittance in the case of vertical solar radiation DAUWIN® has manufactured special energy-efficient glazing; strengthened windows with additional coatings that block the entry of the solar radiation inside the buildings even in the case of vertical exposure to sunlight. These new energy-efficient windows are classified under the solar control glazing category (Solar Control), also known as Four Seasons Glazing, precisely because of their capacity to block the sun's heat even in the vertical exposure of the building to sunlight and during the warm summer months.

The special solar control windows are recommended only where solar radiation penetrates the house for many hours and without being hindered, for example in east and west parts of a building that has large windows without shading (trees, big sheltered terraces, sunshades, etc. ). Enhanced solar control glazing ensures comfort inside the house, while saving money during the “energy consuming” summer time.

Benefits of enhanced energy glass (solar control):

  • Improved sense of comfort inside the building
  • Good thermal insulation (up to 200% more than ordinary energy glazing)
  • Reduced condensation (moisture inside of the windows)
  • Reduced use of air conditioners or radiators (cooling/heating)
  • Saving of cooling/heating costs


DAUWIN®-Double Glazing

The modern conventional double glazing of DAUWIN® (double glazed windows) have a clearance between the two sheets of glass and a filling of this gap with air, thereby significantly reducing heat loss either due to the single glazing or, in older forms of double glass, due to the lack of air between them. The advantages of the double glass include:

  • High permeability of the daylight
  • Relevant sound and thermal insulation, particularly, if the gap between the two glass panes is filled with a noble gas such as argon (insulator).

Note: The double seal, i.e. the first layer of insulating material before application of the main seal, is absolutely necessary for the desired effect.


DAUWIN®-Triple Energy-Efficient Glazing

The triple energy-efficient glazing, commonly known as triple glazed windows, is today the preferable type for the composition of most parallel glass panels. The new generation frames of DAUWIN®, combined with triple glazing, achieve excellent thermal & sound insulation and safety.

The gap between the panes is filled with gas, typically Argon, further increasing their insulating qualities, while the glazing is separated by spacers of aluminum, metal or synthetic material. The gap between these spacers is filled with drying agents that can absorb water to prevent any vapor formation in the vacuum of the glass panes, as well as any annoying glare.

Modern techniques and specific gap filling gases ensure soundproofed, thermo-insulated, sun protected and physically secured windows.

DAUWIN®-Anti-Vandal Glazing

The safety and security needs of many public and private spaces have led to the creation of anti-vandal windows, which are designed and manufactured, controlled and measured in accordance with national, European or international standards set by each manufacturer.

The anti-vandal glazing for countries of the European Union are governed by the rules - standards applicable in the EU (EN 356 Norm), while their classification in categories of the provided safety depends solely on the performance of their resistance during the required tests, rather than their composition.

The evolution of technology and modern production methods contribute to the continuous improvement of anti-vandal glass, by creating products with less thickness and weight, improved performance and a higher degree of security. In any case, the objective throughout the global glass industry is the production of glass of a smaller thickness and weight, but with excellent resistance to conditions of mechanical stress.

DAUWIN®, keeping always updated on the new developments in the field of glass, introduces the most modern and innovative features of the largest European glass manufacturing industries and provides authorized testing laboratory certificates for all its products. 


The classification refers to a series of specially designed glass panels. Their application meets all safety and protection needs in areas, where for plausible reasons the use of glass is necessary or preferred (ex. banks, public buildings, museums, offices, etc). The criteria that safety glazing must fulfill and the categories in which they are classified, according to the level of protection provided, are controlled and measured using specific methodology, as described in detail in the applicable national or international standards. The standards applicable today in the European countries are EN 356 and EN 1063 Norms regarding anti-vandal and bulletproof glass panes, accordingly.

Table of anti-vandal glazing as ranked based on their performance in the trials (tests), according to EN 356


 Strength Class Type of Test Number of Shocks Measurement Norm
Ρ1Α Weight drops of 4kg at 1500mm 3 drops in triangle shape EN 356 1999
Ρ2Α Weight drops of 4kg at 3000mm 3 drops in triangle shape EN 356 1999
Ρ3Α Weight drops of 4kg at 6000mm 3 drops in triangle shape EN 356 1999
Ρ4Α Weight drops of 4kg at 9000mm 3 drops in triangle shape EN 356 1999
Ρ5Α Weight drops of 4kg at 9000mm 3x3 drops in triangle shape EN 356 1999
Ρ6Β Ax 30 to 50 times EN 356 1999
Ρ7Β Ax 51 to 70 times EN 356 1999
Ρ8Β Ax More than 70 times EN 356 1999

As the production methods and the materials technology evolve, the glass manufacturing companies produce and launch new improved products of less thickness and weight, which provide improved performance, therefore are certified at higher security levels. This is also the objective of the global glass industry: to produce new types of glass which are of a smaller thickness and consequently weight that are responding effectively to the conditions of mechanical stress. As it is evidenced, the classification of glass panels in categories of safety provided, based on European standards, is independent of their composition and is exclusively dependent on the endurance performance during the required trials (tests).


DAUWIN®-Bulletproof Glazing

DAUWIN® bulletproof glass is specially designed to be able to absorb large amounts of impact momentum without breaking. The appearance of bulletproof glass does not differ from the common windows of a corresponding thickness and offers a high degree of protection against the most malicious actions.

The bulletproof windows made of multiple sheets of glass with intermediate PVB films (polyvinyl butyral) are subject to very high pressure and temperature, thus creating a compact whole, while their alloying components impart other characteristics to the bulletproof glass, such as decorative, insulating features, etc.

The classification of bulletproof windows is made on the basis of their resistance to various types of weapons and ammunition and is defined only by their resistance to various tests rather than their composition.

However, the protection provided by bulletproof windows depends both on their design, the way that they are mounted, the maintenance of the entire assembly, and by the quality of the glass. The glass panels and the films used for their construction must ensure transparency and typical (neutral) appearance of the final product.

The bulletproof windows are soundproof, while they provide protection against UV radiation because of their massive glass and successive, intermediate insulating films.

The evolution of technology in the field of materials aims at creating better products and improved performance by producing glasses of a less thickness and weight that will respond better to conditions of mechanical stress.

The classification of the BULLETPROOF safety glass types follows a nomenclature which corresponds to specific performance as controlled/measured according to a specific methodology which is described by the EN 356 European Norm.
These classes of rankings were based on the following performance:

BR1 0,22 Long rifle Long rifle 360m/s 3
BR2 9mm parabellum Luger, Uzi 400 m/s 3
BR3 0,357 magnum Magnum 430 m/s 3
BR4 0,44 magnum Magnum 440 m/s 3
BR5 5,56x45mm M16 950 m/s 3
BR6 7,62x51mm soft core FAL / Winchester 820 m/s 3
BR7 7,62x51mm hard core FAL 830 m/s 3
SG1  12/70 Riotgun 420m/s 1
SG2  12/70 Riotgun 420 m/s 3

It is obvious from the above Table that according to the European standards the classification of a safety glass pane is independent of its composition and depends EXCLUSIVELY on the performance of endurance during the test process. It is only logical and consequent that the materials technology will create over the years new products of a lower weight that will achieve better performance and therefore be awarded with higher security certificates. It is a technological achievement and an objective of the global glass industry to launch onto the market new glasses that will be of a smaller thickness and lower weight to respond better to conditions of mechanical stress.


DAUWIN®-Multi-layer Glazing

The TRIPLEX glazing, commonly known as triple glazed windows, consists of two or more glass panes glued together with one or more layers of PVB film (polyvinyl butyral).

All types of glass can be part of a triplex structure, such as a white or colored glass, etc. The use of extra-white glass in triplex composition shows very high transparency and good viewing without compromising any of the safety features of the glass.

The PVB films can also sometimes be transparent or translucent, even colored, depending on the building for which they are selected and on the aesthetic of the client.


Security: contrary to what most people believe, the triple glazing breaks more easily than a common glazing of the same thickness; but what makes the triple glazed windows safer is the way in which they “behave”, when broken. The excellent passive safety of a triplex glazing is precisely owned to this behavior, in which the fragments from the breaking point and onwards stay firmly attached on the adhesive PVB film, without putting anyone in danger and continuing to protect the interior from any invasion.

Protection: The bulletproof windows offer protection of the interior of the building as they do not fall apart, but remain in place, if broken, thus creating a difficult accessible glass mass, the violation of which takes a lot of time and causes a loud noise. In this way, public buildings, like banks, ministries, private spaces and jewelers, etc., remain well protected.

Soundproofing: The selection of TRIPLEX glass is an ideal solution for dealing with noise in buildings – houses or offices – which are located in noisy areas with an inconvenient, constant level of loud sound, such as passing trains, airplanes, etc. The TRIPLEX glass panes of DAUWIN® operate as soundproofing medium, because of the PVB adhesive film joining the three windows.

Restriction of UV radiation: The advantages of the intermediate, alloying PVB film also include the high retention of ultraviolet radiation, making the triple PVB glazing an ideal solution for shop windows, since they do not allow the sun to fade the colors of the products on display under the bright sunlight.


DAUWIN®-Fire Safety Glazing

The DAUWIN® fire safety glazing has the capacity to withstand a temperature of 1000°C for a predetermined time to ensure the escape of the occupants of the building in sufficient time. No other glass, as reinforced as it may be – TRIPLEX, bulletproof, anti-vandal – cannot withstand to high temperatures at which it brakes, when exposed.

The glass panes are available in various types, such as single with armor, monolithic, or multilayered with intermediate heat activated blowing agent and are classified depending on their behavior and performance in Integrity, class E, Insulation, class I, Radiation, class W.


DAUWIN®-Curved Glazing

Surfaces curved, not flat, different from the conventional ones are part of the modern trends in architecture and industrial design, entraining the need for new materials and new forms to traditional materials. The curved glass panels are a typical example of the modern design requirements of buildings.

The construction of curved glass is made in two different ways: by using a mold or without it, while the final production process depends on the safety requirements, the dimensions (the curved molded panes cannot exceed the size 2.44 m x 3.66 m), and on the complexity of the shape of the glass.


 DAUWIN®-Extra-White Transparent Glazing

The common transparent glass has a slight green hue, which becomes visible when seen from the side or when seen through many windows in a row. The reason for this faint greenish hue is the amount of iron contained in the sand, which is the raw material in the production of glass.

To avoid this greenish hue, the original content of iron oxide is reduced artificially from the sand, from which up to 90% of the glass is produced. This is particularly useful in glass applications in shop windows and commercial facades, in showcases of museums or high value items, where no extraneous element should confuse the viewer.


DAUWIN®-Fused Glass

Fused or Molten Glass is a product which is produced after processing at a very high temperature. This is used in various cases, when there is a need to take the form of a mold or a corresponding shape, or to integrate compatible materials and colors. Then the glass is gradually cooled until solidified and brought to the desired temperature without breaking.

DAUWIN®-Stained Glass

Painted glass like mosaic, typical in cathedral windows or special architectural buildings, DAUWIN® manufactures upon request stained glass for residential or business premises.


DAUWIN®-Diamond Embossed Glass

This is translucent or opaque glass, suitable for doors, windows or spaces, the interior of which should not be visible. However, these crystals allow natural light to enter the interior.


Vienna Bars for DAUWIN® Frames 

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Γιατί να προτιμήσω ενεργειακά κουφώματα;

Τα κοινά κουφώματα, όπως τα γνωρίζαμε πριν από μερικά χρόνια, δεν σταματούσαν την εξωτερική θερμοκρασία από το να εισβάλλει στο εσωτερικό του κτιρίου, ούτε εμπόδιζαν τη θέρμανση ή την ψύξη από το εσωτερικό ενός κτιρίου να διαφύγει στο εξωτερικό περιβάλλον. Τα σύγχρονα θερμομονωτικά ή ενεργειακά κατασκευάζονται με «θερμοδιακοπτώμενο προφίλ», επιτυγχάνουν ακριβώς αυτό. Κρατούν την εξωτερική θερμοκρασία στην εξωτερική επιφάνεια του τζαμιού και την εσωτερική θερμοκρασία στο εσωτερικό του κτιρίου. Έτσι, η ζέστη ή η ψύξη εγκλωβίζονται στο εσωτερικό διατηρώντας την επιθυμητή θερμοκρασία και επιτυγχάνοντας παράλληλα χαμηλή κατανάλωση ενέργειας.

Με ποια κριτήρια θα επιλέξετε κουφώματα αλουμινίου;

Πριν την τελική απόφαση της επιλογής μίας σειράς αλουμινίου θα πρέπει ο ενδιαφερόμενος να φέρει σ’ επαφή:

  1. Τον αρχιτέκτονα.
  2. Το μηχανικό.
  3. Τον υπεύθυνο της ανακαίνισης του κτιρίου, εφόσον υπάρχει, με τον κατασκευαστή της εταιρίας κουφωμάτων.

Μόνο έτσι θα μπορέσουν να επιλέξουν από κοινού το καταλληλότερο κούφωμα για κάθε ξεχωριστή περίπτωση.

Από τι επηρεάζεται η απόδοση στα συνθετικά PVC;

Η θέση του συνόλου του κτιρίου όσο και κάθε χώρου ξεχωριστά διαδραματίζει σημαντικό ρόλο για την απόδοση στα συνθετικά κουφώματα. Ένα βορεινό δωμάτιο, ανήλιο όλες τις ημέρες του έτους χρειάζεται διαφορετικό κούφωμα από ένα δυτικό ή ανατολικό δωμάτιο. Επιπλέον ρόλο στην απόδοση του κουφώματος έχει ο τύπος του υαλοπίνακα καθώς και η πιθανή ή μη σκίασή του. Από την άλλη για την τελική μέτρηση της απόδοσή τους συνυπολογίζονται και οι ενεργειακές απώλειες.

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Τα Κουφώματα αλουμινίου εξασφαλίζουν υψηλή θερμομόνωση συντελώντας στη μείωση του κόστους ψύξης – θέρμανσης. Φυσικά, προσφέρουν και άριστη ηχομόνωση προστατεύοντας τους εσωτερικούς χώρους από ανεπιθύμητους θορύβους.


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