Door & Window Frames Replacement Program

topothetisi 300x200Athens, on 16/3/2012
Renewal of the “Energy Efficiency at Household Buildings” Program on favorable terms.

What is the “Energy Efficiency at Household Buildings” Program?
This is about a co-funded program that provides incentives to citizens to improve the energy efficiency of their home, thereby saving money and energy and increasing its value.

Which residencies can be financed?
Eligible residencies are all the houses, apartment buildings and individual apartments (without additional precondition) that satisfy only the following criteria:

They are located in areas with a tax zone value lower than or equal to 2,100 €/sq.m.
They have been classified under the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in a class lower than or equal to D.

There is no limitation to the number of properties per citizen, while in residential buildings those owners, who do not wish to join the program, may participate with their own funds. The Program also includes empty apartments that were inhabited during the last three years.

Who can join the Program – What are the incentives?

Category of Beneficiaries: A1, A2, B
Personal Income (PI ≤12,000 € 12,000 € Family Income (FI ≤ 20,000 € 20,000 € 70% Incentive, 35% Subsidy, 15% Subsidy, 30% Subsidy

Interest-Free Loan (interest subsidy of 100% up to 31.12.2015) 65% Interest-Free Loan (interest subsidy of 100% up to 31.12.2015) 85% Interest-Free Loan (interest subsidy of 100% up to 31.12.2015)

The following are provided: the possibility to receive a 4/5/6-year loan, with or without a guarantor, without property underwriting, with direct loan repayment without charges, and payment of suppliers/contractors via the bank without the involvement of citizens. Upon entering into the Program, 40% of the budget of the application will be paid in advance.

The admission to the Program requires energy audits to be carried out (before and after the interventions), the cost of which will be covered at 100% by the Program after the successful implementation of the project.
Moreover, the Program covers the expenses for the project consultant’s fee in an amount of up to 250 € without VAT.

Which are the works that can be financed?
The saving achieved by the interventions of the Program should correspond either to an upgrade of the energy class or 30% of the total energy consumption of the reference building.
Eligible interventions concern:
1. Installation of insulation in the building envelope, including the terrace/roof and the parking space under the building (including additional works such as dismantling and disposal, interventions on the roof, for example, tile replacement etc.).
2. Replacement of door & window frames and fitting of shading systems (incl. the front door of the building, stairwell frames, shutters, rollers blinds, tents, etc.).
3. Upgrade of the heating and hot water supply system (incl. replacement of the boiler room equipment and the distribution network, installation of solar water heater, heating control and autonomy systems etc.).
For the implementation of interventions no licensing is required, or even approving of minor building work, except for some very special cases.
The maximum eligible budget of interventions, including VAT (which is eligible for the program) cannot exceed 15,000 € per property.
For example, a citizen with family income of 35,000 € for budget work of 10,000 €, concludes a 5-year loan in June 2012 amounting to 6,500 € and receives a grant for the remaining
amount of 3,500 €. The installment of the loan will be about 110 €, while the interest to be charged for the period 01.01.2016 -1/7/2017 will be about 80 €. Moreover, the expenses already paid by the citizen for the energy audit and the project consultant’s fee will be reimbursed.

Steps for participation in the Program:
1. Loan pre-approval (by the bank branch) - first energy audit.
2. Submission of the Application and supporting documents.
3. Entry Application of the party concerned – signing of the loan contract; advance disbursement.
4. Implementation of interventions – second energy audit.
5. Production of supporting documents – disbursement of the rest of the loan and the subsidy amount.

The admission to the Program is a continuous process until the exhaustion of funds by Region.
To date, over 10,000 citizens have been benefited by the Program.

PRESS RELEASE: Continuation of the “Energy Efficiency at Household Buildings” Program

Athens, 16th of May 2011

SUBJECT: Continuation of the “Energy Efficiency at Household Buildings” Program

Having noted the continued interest of the citizens in the participation in the “Energy Efficiency at Household Buildings” Program 
and the momentum created in the market, it is announced that the candidates can continue to submit their applications. Entry to the
Program will be made based on the order of priority, until the funds allocated by Region are exhausted.

Up to now, the number of applications to banks exceeds the 30,000,
out of which approximately 15,000 have received preliminary loan approval.

Moreover, after taking into consideration the mapping of the energy needs of the buildings from the inspections
made to date and the economic situation, the Program shall be amended as follows:

a) Eligible for the program are the buildings constructed until 31.12.1989 and are
located in areas with a tax zone value of up to 2,100 €/sq.m.

b) It is possible to submit applications for individual apartments of residential
buildings without any preconditions.

c) The income categories of the beneficiaries from three become two and
the corresponding incentives are as follows:

Category A.
Owners of eligible housing, whose personal or family declared income does not
exceed 40,000 € or 60,000 €, respectively.
Incentives include 100% interest subsidy (interest free loan),
in combination with a housing subsidy in a height of 35%.

PRESS RELEASE: Announcement of the “Energy Efficiency at Household Buildings” Program

Athens, on the 13th of January 2011

Following the establishment of the “Save on Energy Efficiency at Household Buildings” Fund that was announced in July 2010, the Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, Tina Birbili, and the Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Competitiveness, Panagiotis Rigas, signed a Joint Ministerial Decision on the announcement of the “Energy Efficiency at Household Buildings” Program.

Based on the agreement reached between the various financial institutions and on the co-investment of the Fund’s resources and the Bank's capital, a grant was secured for citizens pertaining to interest-free or low-interest loans without any collateral (property underwriting) for energy saving measures in their homes.

In order to enable as many people as possible to join the program, the criteria and incentive of the Program have been improved.
From now on, the maximum eligible tax zone value is 1,750 €/sq.m., while the income limitations on the three categories of beneficiaries and the corresponding incentives have changed as follows:

Category Α
Owners of eligible housing, whose personal or family declared income does not exceed 22,000 € or 40,000 €, respectively. Incentives include 100% interest subsidy (interest free loan) together with a grant of 30% on the final eligible budget. This means that a citizen eligible for a budget of 10.000 € will receive an interest-free loan of 7.000 and a grant of € 3.000 €.

Category Β
Owners of eligible housing, whose personal or family declared income is between 22,000 and 40,000 € or 40,000 and 60,000 €, respectively. Incentives include a low interest loan at a fixed interest rate of 4.93% for four years in combination with a grant of 15% of the final eligible budget. That means that a citizen eligible for a budget of 10.000 € will receive a low interest loan 8,500 € and a grant of 1,500 €.

Category C
Owners of eligible housing, whose personal or family declared income exceeds the limits of Category B and until a height of personal declared income of 60,000 € or family income of 75,000 €.
The incentive refers to the issuing of a low interest loan which amounts to 100% of the final eligible budget at a fixed interest rate of 4.93% for 4 years.

Banks selected to participate in the Program, following a tendering process, are (listed alphabetically):

  • 1. Alpha Bank S.A.
  • 2. National Bank of Greece S.A.
  • 3. Piraeus Bank S.A.
  • 4. E.F.G. Eurobank – Ergasias S.A.

Citizens can examine in cooperation with the banks their creditworthiness and address to the energy auditor for the energy audit of their home and the issuance of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), which is a prerequisite for submitting an application.
For the citizens who will join the program, the performance of the energy audit (before and after the interventions) is fully subsidized at 100%.

Applications in the Banks will be made from February 1, 2011 until March 31, 2011 (duration of 2 months).

For the choice of an energy inspector, a Register of Energy Inspectors has been formed, which is posted on the website, and/or, and is accessible from the Citizens Service Centers (KEP).

For their support, both during the application stage of the program and during the project implementation, a user help line (helpdesk) operates at +30 210 9797400. The Implementation Guide and the related Program forms are posted on the website


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