DAUWIN® Aluminum Frames

The DAUWIN® hinged aluminum door & window frames, with EXALCO thermal aluminum profiles provide effective thermal insulation, excellent security, great choice in frame designs and types and can be installed with external shutter or roller.

The aluminum frames of the new EXALCO ECONOMY series are equipped with a thermal break system that makes them the number one choice for those who wish to reduce the cost of heating/cooling and their decisions are defined by their respect towards the environment. Furthermore, the EXALCO insulating aluminum profiles reduce the phenomenon of condensation and the characteristic appearance of moisture on the inner glass.

The DAUWIN® hinged aluminum frames are mainly installed in detached houses or special design buildings.

DAUWIN® - PAPAVASILIOU has its own certified assembly technicians who responsibly and with expertise install the aluminum frames, thereby assuming all responsibility, from production to final placement.

DAUWIN® Aluminum Frames