The epitome of technology contributing to homes with a low energy footprint today, is the selection and installation of synthetic frames.
The synthetic frames of DAUWIN®, made of hard PVC from the German company aluplast kunstoffenster, are characterized by their high quality and durability, in keeping with the specifications set by the EU.

All DAUWIN® PVC frames meet all the necessary conditions contributing to the creation of a Passive House, i.e. a building with high energy efficiency and a reduced energy footprint, which needs low energy to heat or cool its spaces.

A simple frame?
And yet, much more...

The mechanisms of the DAUWIN® frames made of PVC, from the German company SIGENIA, are available in silver and are characterized by their extremely high resistance, functionality and, above all, safety.
By combining a housing with a thermal break and a special type of steel, aluplast has achieved excellent thermal insulation and static values.
Synthetic balcony doors with "smart" possibilities to save space and adjust the shading of the interior space and the air, with one or more opening or tilting leaves.
The existing aluplast shutter systems convince with the advanced technical solutions they provide. The company has included in the shutter system also the traditional design (rabote) giving the possibility of manufacturing shutters of very large dimensions.
Overlapping sliding systems guarantee plenty of light for your rooms. They were created specifically for the markets of the Mediterranean and southern countries, and therefore meet all the requirements of these markets.
The architectural design of many houses that are an extension of older buildings or that seek to create the feeling of an old house also imposes corresponding frames.



Τα προϊόντα DAUWIN® Παπαβασιλείου κοσμούν όχι μόνο τις καλύτερες ξενοδοχειακές μονάδες αλλά και νησιώτικες και παραδοσιακές οικίες.



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DAUWIN® Papavasiliou products adorn not only the best hotel units but also island and traditional houses.