DAUWIN® Wooden Frames

wooden frames are extremely suitable for many constructions, mainly houses and hotel units, urban and country, in the mountains and the sea.
The architecture of the buildings largely determines the type of frames that blend harmoniously with the rest of the design. However, wooden frames are extremely suitable for many constructions, mainly residential and hotel units, urban and rural, in mountain and sea. Harmonization of the building with the traditional style of the area, but also the functional needs of the house are ensured in the best possible way by choosing DAUWIN® wooden frames, with CE & TUV CERTIFICATE ISO 2001 – 1001 quality certificate, while they are available in an impressive range of designs and colors, covering every architectural requirement and aesthetic need.

All the wooden frames of the DAUWIN® company are imported and manufactured in state-of-the-art technological manufacturing units of the European Union, obeying all the rules and specifications set by the EU regarding raw materials and the production process.

The extremely strict quality standards, both in the use of raw materials and in the production process, are subject to continuous controls, which certify high quality at all stages, according to the company's standards. Certifications are also provided for the individual materials and parts of a frame, such as the timber, the mechanisms, the paints, the crystals and all the parts – small or large – that make up a frame.
To avoid any deterioration of the wooden frames related to weather conditions or the location of the house and its exposure to strong sunlight, humidity, very high or very low temperatures, salt, etc., DAUWIN® selects its frames from three-glued, non-stick industrially treated wood. The wooden frames are available in three series – windows line 68, windows line 78, windows line 92.
The external door must offer security, be functional but also aesthetically pleasing, harmonizing with the facade and the architectural design of the building.
Wooden balcony doors with "smart" possibilities to save space and adjust the shading of the interior space and the air, with one or more opening or tilting leaves.
Maximum security with perimeter mechanisms of multiple locks, excellent tightness and excellent fit, high sound insulation up to 32db, characterize all the constructions of the wooden windows of the DAUWIN® company.
Stately and traditional, functional and modern, wooden shutters give every home, urban or country, a special style without lacking in safety and functionality.
The architectural design of many houses that are an extension of older buildings or that seek to create the feeling of an old house also imposes corresponding frames.
System of sliding and opening windows of very thin section.



Τα προϊόντα DAUWIN® Παπαβασιλείου κοσμούν όχι μόνο τις καλύτερες ξενοδοχειακές μονάδες αλλά και νησιώτικες και παραδοσιακές οικίες.



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